Safe Computing

This October, make sure you're staying safe from threats by keeping your devices up to date. Missouri S&T's Safecomputing website is dedicated to helping you both understand and defend against the risks that come with using the internet. From learning how to update your computer to helping you make sure your account is as safe as possible, Safecomputing is here to help you keep yourself and your data secure.

Check out our CyberSecurity Month 2023 page for more information and activities!

Protect Yourself

IT Security would like to help you improve your cyber safety.  As members of the campus community, it is important to realize that your cyber safety at home and abroad has a direct impact on your cyber safety on campus.  You can find information on the Protect Yourself page to improve your cyber safety.

Protect Your Campus

IT Security is diligently working to improve the cyber safety on campus using tools and best practices. You can familiarize yourself with these tools and best practices on the Protect Your Campus page to help us protect everyone.