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Fraudulent IT Support Calls Against Campus Community Members, Caution Advised

Posted in Security Advisories by on March 24th, 2022

S&T IT has been made aware of a developing cybersecurity threat to the campus community. It is important that you know, malicious actors are calling members members of the campus community on their members of the campus community on their personal cell phones and identifying themselves as IT support staff. The malicious actors are asking for access to computers, and falsely diagnosing the computer as being hacked. Members of the campus community are then informed they will need to pay to fix the issue. These calls are a scam and offer fraudulent services under the guise of providing subscription-based IT support.

The S&T IT Division and staff want you to know and understand the following:
• We will NEVER call a personal cell phone unexpectedly or in an unsolicited fashion
• We will NEVER request payment from you over the phone
• We will NEVER offer a subscription for the services we provide

If you receive such a call or experience other questionable interactions regarding support for your computer, please notify immediately.

To briefly explain the behavior you should expect from S&T IT in this capacity, we will only call your personal cell phone IF that is the phone number you provide in a self-initiated help request to . Also, we do not charge a person directly for any service provided. Services will be charged to a MoCode that is provided by your department, or invoiced accordingly.